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Estates is a dynamic Department charged with the responsibility of ensuring efficient administration and sustainable management of the land and physical structures of the Diocese. The department is mandated to formulate and implement a Diocesan Land Policy, undertake land surveys, boundary opening and mapping, land registration, physical planning, land valuation, adjudication and settlement.
The day to day activities of the department are managed by the Diocesan Estates Secretary, governed by the Estates Board and supervised by the Diocesan Secretary.

Our Vision

To be a model department in land management, use and development in areas covered by Namirembe Diocese and beyond.

Our Mission

Protecting and promoting effective use of church land for social- economic sustainable development and prosperity in Namirembe Diocese and beyond.

Our Core Values

  1. God fearing
  2. Result oriented
  3. Accountability
  4. Professionalism

Department Units

The department has three (3) units through which it works to achieve its mandate.

Physical Planning and Maintenance Unit

The Physical Planning Unit works to achieve sustainable development of structures (buildings) on the Diocesan land for the benefit of communities and the Diocese. The key activities carried out by the Unit include;
1. Preparation and approving of physical development plans.
2. Advising on matters concerning lease approvals and termination.
3. Maintenance of buildings.
4. Feasibility studies on matters concerning physical planning, advising on land alienation.
5. Monitor land use in line with the Diocesan land policy.
6. Land conflict resolution through appropriate and professional physical planning
7. Extension or termination of land user

Land Surveys Unit

The Land Surveys Unit works to produce and maintain plans of land boundaries in support of land registration and to ensure guarantee and security of Church land. The key activities carried out by the Unit include;
1. Land mapping and Boundary opening.
2. Establishing and maintaining an electronic data management system of land surveys.
3. To prepare, update and publish Diocesan and other maps indicating boundaries of all Archdeaconries’ Parishes and local Churches.
4. To monitor, inspect and maintain church land boundaries.

Lands Unit

The Lands Unit works to ensure good administration of land on behalf of the Diocese through land administration, registration and valuations. The key activities carried out by the Unit include;
1. Manage land committees at different Church levels.
2. Processing of ownership documents like titles.
3. Custody and maintenance of registered and unregistered land records.
4. Approval of development applications like leases, title transfers
5. Protection and preservation of historical sites on Church Land like Uganda Martyrs Seminary Namugongo.
6. Attending and resolving land disputes.
7. Conduct land transactions.
8. Valuation of Diocesan land and landed properties
9. Filing and documentation of all land related documents.
10. Collection of interest fees from the land and building users.
11. Training and sensitizing the public on Church land policy including land use, management and protection.
12. land leasing
13. Confirming all legal tenants on Church land.
14. Conducts any land related research.