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The Livestock Department is mandated to promote Livestock farming through animal health and welfare, equip community farmers with adequate knowledge, skills and technical ability on the effective and efficient management of livestock for social- economic development of the Dioceses and poverty alleviation among church communities.

The Department is headed by a professional live stock and veterinary doctor who is supervised by the Diocesan Secretary under the Bishop’s office.


“To have a model live stock department that facilitates efficient and effective service delivary for poverty reduction through socio-economic development”


To equip livestock producers with knowledge, skills and technical ability for sustainable development of livestock farming through provision of support services that increase productivity, value addition and market access for profitable returns so as to alleviate poverty among church communities.


  1. To effectively manage and provide financial, administrative, technical expertise and logistic support services to the Diocesan farms and ranch for economic development.
  2. To prevent, control, contain and eradicate diseases, vectors and pests in order to enhance live stock production and productivity for profitable returns at the Diocesan farm and ranch.
  3. To effective provide accurate livestock information to farmers in church communities in order to increase awareness.
  4. To provide trainings in livestock farming and related disciplines for commercialization of livestock and create household jobs to church communities.