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The Department of Youth provides policy direction and guidance on all matters pertaining to youth empowerment to live as disciples of Jesus Christ through result oriented programs that bring out the best of them in form of mission and evangelism, talents and contribution towards societal development.

The department exists to coordinate, plan, implement, monitor and evaluate youth programs/activities that help youth grow spiritually, physically and mentally so as to have a healthy and productive people who can make a meaningful contribution towards the growth and development of God’s Kingdom.

The youth department is headed by the Diocesan Youth Coordinator who is assisted by the youth in their various units, ministries, fellowships, committees and Churches. The Department is supervised by the Diocesan secretary.

Our Vision

To build a generation of responsible and God fearing youth who happily serve Christ in spirit, mind and the body.

Our Mission

We work to nurture and build young people in all aspects of life to build strong character and discover their talents and abilities as responsible and God fearing citizens and leaders.

Our Values

  • Prayerfulness
  • Work
  • Integrity
  • Unconditional love
  • Responsible living
  • Servant hood


  1. To proclaim and teach the salvation gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ to young people through holistic programs and partnerships.
  2. To provide opportunities for fellowship and shared experiences in a Christian context for spiritual, physical and mental growth in Christ.
  3. To train and empower youth in income generating activities so as to scale up their standards of living.
  4. To provide opportunities for young people to promote their God given talents and spiritual gifts for growth and development through holistic programs.

Our General activities

  1. Mission and Evangelism outreach
  2. Sports camp
  3. Youth retreats, Conferences and workshop
  4. Volunteer service opportunities
  5. Bible study
  6. Good Samaritan week
  7. Music, dance and drama competitions
  8. Business management trainings
  9. Counseling and Guidance
  10. Youth mentorship program etc

Department Units/Fellowships

The Department has three (3) fellowships through which it nurtures and develops the youth into God fearing people;

  1. Daughters of the King (DOK)
  2. Sons of the King (SOK)
  3. Boys and Girls Brigade (BB&GB)

Contact Address

Youth Department

Old Diocesan Offices building

P.O BOX 14297 Kampala

Tel: +256773 332664