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Museum of Religion

Museum of Religion is the first of its kind initiated in 2016 by Ven. John Gitta Kavuma the eighth Archdeacon of Mengo. Its initiation was prompted after 100 years of existence 1916-2016 since Bishop JJ Wills laid a foundation as a launching pads for Christianity at the site of the museum.

The Chairman Museum committee Mr. Sebuliba Hannington, the Archdeacon Ven. John Gitta, Rev. Moses Kayimba and the curate Ms. Harriet Nantale made efforts to gather relevant information and objects required to fulfill the mission and objectives of existence.


Strengthen Christian faith today and tomorrow for a purpose driven life.


To secure Church monuments as a way of equipping the current and future generation with knowledge.


  • Sustain, manage and develop church history and monuments.
  • Promote Church history conservation through research and training.
  • Promote Christianity awareness to both the present and future generation.
  • Limit negative impacts of development on Christianity.
  • Depict the picture of St. Luke Church Kibuye and Mengo Archdeaconry from the past to the present.
  • Conserve the would be lost Christian material and information for future generation.
  • Teach the people values and goodness of Christianity.
  • Bring out the picture of Church history right from the time of creation to the present situation.

What do you expect to see among others?

  • One hundred years objects (monuments) used to construct the 1st
  • The African shape stone brought by missionaries in Africa in 1903.
  • The remains of Namirembe Cathedral built in 1915.
  • Timber used at the Alter of Namirembe Cathedral in 1915.
  • The Jesus Boat used during the time of Jesus 2000 years ago.
  • The 1st Christian Monastery in the World.
  • Sir Albert Cooks residential house 1916.
  • The model of the new Church under construction.
  • Elements used in African Traditional Religion before Christianity.
  • The King who invited missionaries and letter of invitation.
  • The grave of Apostle John.
  • The house of Peter where Jesus stayed.
  • The burning Bush.
  • The tree where Jesus was hidden when King Herod planned to kill all Baby boys to mention but a few.

When should you visit the museum?

Days                                                    Time

Tuesday to Thursday                          9:00am-4pm

Saturday                                                9:00am- 2pm

Sunday                                                   9:00am- 4pm

Note: The Museum can be opened on special request planned by the curate (Administrator).

Entry Fees

  • Payments should be done at the office or online booking.
  • Schools or groups are given special considerations.

Adults- 10,000/=

Children/ students- 5,000/=

Non Ugandans -$5.

  • Groups of 20 people: Adults (150,000/=)
  • Students (7000/=)

Book early to avoid disappointments


  1. Bags are not allowed inside the museum.
  2. Cameras, cell phones and any electric material is not allowed inside.
  3. Eating/ drinking is not allowed inside the Museum.
  4. Silence must be observed at the station while viewing the video play.
  5. Give chance to the curate to explain all the details at every station.
  6. A receipt must be shown to the custodian before entry.

For booking please contact:

Tel: Office: 0414 693476

Curator: 0702392239