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Bishop’s Diary

1st January 2023 – Namirembe Cathedral – New Years Day / Bishop’s leave starts

3rd January 2023 –  Begging of year staff retreat- Protea Hotel

13th January 2023- Diocesan Synod

17-20th January 2023- Clergy retreat – rest gardens -Bweyogere

29th January 2023- Busega Martyr’s day

9th February 2023- Governing council- UMSN

16th February 2023- Janan Luwum day celebrations- Muchwini

17th February 2023 – Graduation UMSN

22nd February 2023 -Ash Wedsday

28th February 2023 -Bishop’s leave ends

3rd March 2023- Exposure visit- Itungo pastures (Senior Staff)

12th March 2023- Mission Sunday

24th March 2023- Exposure visit to Nakyesasa farm

26 March 2023- Kings College Buddo Founders Day

2nd  April 2023- Palm Sunday

7th April 2023-Good Friday

9th April 2023- Easter Sunday

10th April 2023- Easter Monday

30th April 2023- Namugongo Martyr’s Seminary Sunday

14th May 2023- Consecration of Mutungo Kitiko COU

21st  May 2023- Consecration of Kitebi COU

28th May 2023- Musa Mukasa

3rd June 2023- Uganda Martyr’s day

4th June 2023- EARR Kawempe

10th June 2023- Consecration of St. James Kisenyi

24th June 2023- Consecreation of St. Stephens COU Mperwerwe

29th June 2023- St. Peter’s day

1st July 2022- Fathers Union Day Celebrations

16th July 2023-Consecreation of Ssanda COU -Jjungo Parish

27th August 2023- Children’s Sunday