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Bishop’s Diary

1st January 2019 – Namirembe Cathedral – New Years Day

13th – 16th January 2019 – Revival Team Meeting – Ankole Diocese

19th January 2019 Diocesan Women’s Day of Prayer

21st – 25th January 2019 Clergy Retreat – Rest Gardens Bweyogere

24th January 2019- Confirmation Holiday Program ( Lutikko)

25th January 2019 – St. Pauls Day – Bweyogere Parish

27th January 2019 – Busega Martyrs Day

31st January 2019 – Kavumba Parish Ground Breaking

16th February 2019- Memorial Celebrations of Janan Luwum ( Muchwini-Kitgum)

17th January 2019- Opening of St. Stephen’s Church Luzira

22nd February 2019 Training of Clergy and Lay Readers

1st March 2019 – International Women’s Day of Prayer

3rd March 2019- Kawempe Re-Awakened Brethren Fellowship

10th March 2019- Mission Sunday

24th March 2019- Mary’s Day

24th April 2019-Good Friday

21st April 2019 -Easter Sunday

22nd April 2019-Easter Monday

28th April 2019 – Namugongo all Prayer Day

5th May 2019- Kitende Brethren Convention

12th May 2019- Convention Sunday

23rd May 2019- Ascension Day

24th May 2019 – Diocesan Council

26th May 2019-Musa Mukasa Day

3rd June 2019- Uganda Martys day celebration

30th June 2019- St. Peters Day

7th July 2019- Consecration of Kazo Archdeacon

22nd July 2019- Opening of Mary’s Day

9th August 2019- Entebbe Secondary School Achievements Day

25th August 2019- Sunday School Sunday

22nd September 2019- Diocesan Convention

29th September 2019- UCU Sunday

6th October 2019 – Lutiiko Deanary

25th October 2019- Diocesan Council

27th October 2019- Youth Sunday

30th October -3rd November 2019- Ssese Parish

8th December 2019-Ordination Sunday

25th December 2019 –Christmas Day

31st December 2019- Cross overnight