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Guiding Philosophy

“I Came that they might have life and have it in fullness” John 10:10

Background History

Namirembe Diocese Co-operative Savings and Credit Society LTD is registered under the Act, Cap 112) Registration No. P.4374/RCS effective 8th May 2014.

The Bishop of Namirembe Diocese, the Rt. Rev. Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira conceived the idea of establishing a SACCO after realizing the great impact pooling together resources bu individual members, churches at various levels and Institutions around Namirembe Diocese can create in terms of both development of the church in Namirembe Diocese. He also noted that it is the duty of the church to ensure that its people are living a full life Spiritually, Socially and Economically, however there is no way a full life can be attained without resources.

He tasked the Diocesan Planning and Development Department to come up with a write up on how the idea can be materialized hence the realization of NADI-SACCO.


An Economically Empowered Church


Providing Financial services to member for economic, Social and spiritual transformation.

Core Values

  • God fearing
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Timeliness
  • Integrity
  • Team work
  • Quality Services


  • Poverty Reduction
  • Promotion of saving culture for Economic Development
  • Equipping members with skills and knowledge for Economic Transformation
  • Promoting the spirit of collective responsibility
  • Promotion of Spiritual wellbeing of members
  • Creation of employment Opportunities among members


Membership to NADI-SACCO is opened to all Individuals and Institutions who subscribe to the vision, mission, core values and objectives stated herein.

How do I become a NADI-SACCO member?

Membership is of 2 categories:

  1. Individual

An individual becomes a member on payment of the following;

Registration fee 10,000/=
Membership fee 20,000=
One share fee 20,000/=


N.B: An individual is advised to buy at least 10 shares.

  1. Institutional or group

Institutional include (Churches, Schools, Associations and fellowships within the church groups etc).

An Institution becomes a member on payment of the following.

Registration fee 30,000=
Membership fee 50,000/=
One share fee 20,000/=

Nb. An Institution is advised to buy at least 20 shares.