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Treasury is an administrative department that oversees financial planning and management activities, including budgeting and forecasting, providing accurate financial information and advice, quality financial reporting and compliance to standard financial measures, creation of value, identifying and investing in viable business ventures to ensure a financially stable Diocese.

The department is governed by a finance board and the day to day activities are coordinated by the Diocesan treasury who is supported by a team of professionals in finance management.


To oversee a financially stable Diocese with rich financial resources so as to enable it achieve its mandate of great commission.


To provide timely financial resources to support the overall goals and missions of the Diocese.


The department is mandated to ensure a financially stable Diocese with rich financial resources and efficiency through;

Functions of the Treasury Department per Units and Programs

Units and Programs Treasury Department

  1. Financial Planning and budgeting Unit
  2. Budget Monitoring and Accountability Unit
  3. Resource Mobilization and Investments Unit
  4. Institutional Financial Capacity Development Program (IFCDP)

Financial Planning, budgeting and Investments Unit

This Unit is responsible for financial planning, budgeting and identifying as well as investing in viable income activities/ projects for a stable financial Diocese. Below are the Unit responsibilities;

  1. Monitor and review timely preparations of departments and fellowship budgets in line with work plans.
  2. Prepare a consolidated Diocesan Annual Budget
  3. Payroll preparations and management
  4. Sourcing for short and long term income investments.
  5. Management of financial risks and providing financial advice to departments, fellowships and employees.
  6. Ensure Safe custody of the Diocesan Financial Books and Records.
  7. Monitor the performance of the Diocesan Book shop.

Budget Monitoring and Accountability Unit

This Unit is responsible for ensuring that all Diocesan Departments, Fellowships, Churches, Ministries’, partners and employees comply to the standard financial regulations as stipulated in the Diocesan Financial Policy. The unit is tasked with the responsibilities below:

  1. Physical budget monitoring exercises to ensure compliance.
  2. Monitor the implementation of approved department and fellowship budgets.
  3. Contribute to budget formulation, analysis and reviews.
  4. Provide key budget monitoring reports, and accurate accountabilities.
  5. Undertake trainings in financial reporting.

Institutional financial capacity development Program

This program aims at enhancing continued learning and skills development of the Diocesan staff for both personal and institutional growth and development in financial planning and management through trainings, workshops, retreats, seminars and conferences in:

  1. Savings and investments
  2. Personal finance management
  3. Records keeping and management
  4. Budgeting, spending and Accountabilities

Contact Address

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